This document covers the initial implementation of the iPass Smart Connect SDK for iOS. iPass Smart Connect provides end-to-end connectivity framework for authenticating to iPass-supported WiFi networks across the globe.


This is a preliminary document for an API or technology in development. iPass is supplying this information to help you plan for the adoption of the programming interfaces described in this guide. This information is subject to change and software implemented according to this document should be tested with the latest version of the iPass SDK and accompanying documentation.

System Requirements

Operating System

• iOS 9.0 and onwards

Hardware Requirements

• Devices based on armv7, armv7s, arm64 architecture

Creating Provisioning Profiles and Configuring SmartConnect enabled apps


1. You must obtain the entitlements required for Network Extension APIs before using the SDK on a real device: send an email to to obtain the entitlements to access WiFi APIs. 2. Select “Network Extension” as the entitlement when creating a provisioning profile on the Apple developer portal in your developer account: This option is enabled by Apple after obtaining required entitlements. You will also need the NEHotspotHelper API. To properly use NEHotspotHelper, the entitlement is required. 3. After obtaining the entitlements, create an entitlements file in XCode under the project using the SDK. Use the Capabilities pane under the project target to enable any of the services. This will create an entitlement file. To create the file manually:  From the file menu, select New File  Select iOS > Resource > Property List  Name the new file "foo.entitlements" (typically, "foo" is the target name)  Click the (+) next to "Entitlements File" to add a top-level item (the property list editor will use the correct schema due to the file extension)  Set your target's CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS build setting to be the path to entitlements file you just added.  Add these capabilities settings to the target: