What is iPass SmartConnect?

The iPass SmartConnect SDK provides an efficient way of developers to add best effort Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity to any application. Applications leveraging the iPass SDK will have instant, secure access to any of the 60+ million hotspots that are part of the iPass network worldwide. It is designed for enterprises, operators and solution vendors seeking to add wireless connectivity to their mobile applications.

How the iPass SmartConnect platform works

Based on iPass’ patented Service Quality Management technology, iPass SmartConnect significantly improves the Wi-Fi user experience. An overview of the system function is as follows:

  • As iPass users roam, their devices aggregate anonymous usage data to determine the location, signal strength, and speed of iPass hotspots.
  • Aggregate data creates a real-time access map of iPass’ global network of Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • As a user attempts to access different hotspots, iPass SmartConnect uses predictive analysis to connect the user to the best hotspot for their needs.
  • In addition to mapping iPass hotspots, iPass SmartConnect also aggregates anonymous usage data on hotspots not yet part of the iPass network.
  • As iPass better understands user behavior patterns, it can add new access points into the network based on where users need them.
  • iPass SmartConnect also enhances user security with last-mile, virtual private network (VPN) functionality.

SDK Archtecture