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The world belongs to developers. Everyone and everything has a mobile app. Business has never been more competitive: MNOs. Enterprises. MVNOs. Loyalty programs. App developers of all shapes and sizes. The iPass solution can help you monetize your mobile app while answering basic user connectivity needs.

For MNOs and MVNOs, churn rates remain high, as cost-sensitive subscribers switch between nearly indistinguishable service offerings. The rest of the developer community feels equal pressure to enhance products, programs, services, and mobile strategies in order to drive revenue.And this is where iPass provide smart mobile connectivity technology that lets you keep your users seamlessly and securely connected to the best networks available, at an incredibly low cost.

With our global Wi-Fi footprint of more than 60 million hotspots in more than 120 countries and our intelligent connectivity platform, we help you keep your users connected.

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MVNOs can use the iPass solution to address key issues:

  • Margins
  • ARPU
  • Service Footprint
  • Customer acquisition, onboarding and retention

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With iPass, MNOs can answer several of their core needs:

  • Optimize Margins
  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs
  • Generate Additional "Sticky" ARPU
  • Reduce Churn

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