The challenges that MNOs face are many, but with the iPass SDK, you can address many of your most pressing needs.

Optimize Margins

A Wi-Fi first but not Wi-Fi only capability allows and MVOs to recover operational margin by enabling a lower cost data solution for users on the home network and for those who are roaming..

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

By off-loading high usage users in high traffic areas MNOs can reduce consumption of expensive spectrum and infrastructure. A seamless Wi-Fi service can augment capacity and coverage in key areas, allowing an MNO to defer expensive infrastructure.

Generate Additional "Sticky" ARPU

The iPass solution allows MNOs to differentiate and increase customer retention by providing high-capacity, worry-free network access capability for high bandwidth value-added applications, e.g. movie streaming and person to person video services.

Reduce Churn

Having the capability to connect to the largest Wi-Fi network on the planet will make it hard for any customer to consider alternative options in the market, knowing that price alone is no longer the key reason for customers buying or dropping a product or service..